JOSH GROBAN outside Henson’s Studio for re-recording of We Are The World.

„For me, just to be kind of in the middle of all these amazing voices, and be in the middle of such incredible talent. . . I am just going to try and just soak it up. It’s like being in the middle of an orchestra. It’s just gonna be fun.“


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On Monday afternoon, an impressive list of stars began arriving at the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood. The reason for the day-after-Grammys gathering: to re-record the classic charity single „We Are the World,“ this time for Haiti earthquake relief.

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Off to lend a vocal chord or two for We Are The World. Very honored and looking forward to inspired chaos.

Just sang my heart out for 5 hours…This is a group performance that people will remember forever. Two names…Streisand and Weezy.