Die Videos zum gestrigen Livechat sind jetzt online.



Video Teil 1 – New Album, Rick Rubin
Groban talks about working with producer Rick Rubin on his new album.

Video Teil 2 – Singing, Glee, Music he loves
Groban talks about being on „Glee,“ what inspires him, and listening to music

Video Teil 3 – Dog love, dream collabs, acting
Groban talks about his dog, travel, dream collabs, and acting

Video Teil 4 – Love, American Idol, Movies
Groban talks about not watching American Idol, moving to New York, and the movies he loved as a kid

Video Teil 5 – Oprah, Foundation, Languages
Groban talks about Oprah, his Josh Groban Foundation, and the languages he likes to sing in

Video Teil 6 – Zombie Apocalypse, Survival Tips
Groban give some tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse. We kid you not.

Video Teil 7 – Being sexy, Stereotypes
Groban talks about being sexy, the problem with stereotypes, and more on American Idol

Video Teil 8 – Twitter, Love, Ten years from now
Groban talks about warming up to Twitter and looks ahead to the next ten years of his career