In der heute in den USA ausgestrahlten Sendung der Rachael Ray Show, betätige sich Josh Groban als nicht ganz ernst zu nehmender Fernsehkoch. Man kann sich den Clip auf Rachaels Homepage ansehen. Viel Spaß damit!

Neben dem Koch-Clip gibt es auch noch ein Interview-Video:

Josh Groban has sold over 25 million albums worldwide and is sure to spend more time on the charts with his 5th studio album, Illuminations, but Rachael wants to if the singer will be spending any time under the mistletoe this holiday season. „The nice thing about mistletoe is that really there’s no requirements for actually being romantically linked if you’re both under mistletoe together,“ laughs Josh, who admits he’s single. „It’s a rule. You just kind of like, randomly tug people and just be like, ‚Oh, look at that! Here we are!'“

Fans of Glee will remember Josh’s guest appearance on the hit show, and Josh reveals that he convinced the writers to spice up his role a bit. „They first wrote me to be a little bit kind of stereotypically nice, like, “Hi! Great, I’m Josh Groban! Great job, bye!‘ And I’m like, ‚Can you make me a little creepier? Can I hit on Mr. Shoe’s mom? Can I serve someone with a restraining order?‘ So they actually made it really, really funny. And to work with Jane Lynch and that whole cast was really great.“ Will Josh be returning to the show? „If [creator] Ryan Murphy wills it, I’ll be back!“ he smiles.

In addition to his singing and acting, Josh is stepping into Rachael’s territory with his own cooking show!

Josh Groban heads into Rachael’s territory with his own cooking show, „Groban’s Garden!“

Josh explains that instead of doing the same old album promotion that they’d done before, he and his record company decided to put some cameras in a kitchen and get some recipes from students and do a fake cooking show. „This has nothing to do with my music,“ Josh laughs. „And my record label is just as random as I am … so we got these actual recipes from kids who are in elementary school in Hawaii and I did my best to fulfill their dreams – and it got a little silly!“

Diese Show läuft auch regelmäßig beim Sender Sixx, allerdings sehr zeitversetzt, das heißt, die Episode mit Josh dürfte wohl erst Ende nächsten Jahres hier bei uns über den Bildschirm flimmern.