Sehr schöner Artikel zum Konzert vom letzten Samstag.

Josh Groban sings his way into the hearts of festival crowd.

Hier ein paar Auszüge aus dem Text:

‚Once you’ve spent a bit of time listening to and observing Josh Groban, it’s easy to see why the young entertainer has sold more than 25 million recordings worldwide.‘

‚But then who wouldn’t want to be associated with, hang out with, listen to or just ogle this talented young heartthrob? Not only is he a great vocalist and first-rate pianist, Groban is fresh, funny, friendly, and, well, fabulous. In addition to his amazing vocal talent, he’s a marvelous storyteller, whether it’s a self-deprecating, spill-the-beans sort of tale, or a yarn or two about family, friends and musical cohorts. And when he makes mistakes — although I bet he rarely does — he’s not afraid to call attention to himself with a profane slip of the tongue (even with his parents in the audience).‘

‚Josh Groban is as likable as a teddy bear and as welcome as an ice cream cone on a warm summer day. His warm, mellifluous voice wraps around all manner of lyrics in a number of romantic languages, providing listeners nothing less than sheer joy.‘