Heute wurde auf der letzte Titel von insg. drei Bonustracks, welche nur auf der Fanedition enthalten sind, bekannt gegeben.

Final ‘All That Echoes’ Bonus Track Announced!

POSTED 01/02/2013 – 11:59

The 3rd and final bonus track from Josh’s All That Echoes fan edition CD will be called “Grazie.” “Grazie” is an Italian song written by Josh, Walter Afanasieff, and Marco Marianageli. If you missed the previous reveals, the All That Echoes fan edition CD will include a newly recorded studio version of “Changing Colours,” a cover of Dave Matthews Band classic, “Satellite,” and “Grazie.” The CD also includes fan club membership, a special digi-pak, and more. Pre-order the fan edition CD HERE and start your new year right!